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Next Season of Rooftop Raunch
at The Carlton Club 

Regular programming returns to our favourite jungle themed rooftop bar at The Carlton! 


Sunday 21 January 2024 from 5pm - 1am, for Midsumma Carnival After Party FREE ENTRY

Sunday 31 March from 3pm - 12am for Easter Sunday AKA Blasphemy Day FREE ENTRY

Arrive early for drink specials -

3-6pm $5 house wines, $10 Aperol Spritz, $8 Pints Furphy!


No tickets are required for these events, just rock up. Stick the dates in your calendars!

Accessibility: The venue has a lift that goes up to the 3rd floor where performances and the dance-floor are. There's an accessible toilet here. There are two further sets of stairs that lead to the rooftop. To use the lift, please request with security upon entry.

The rooftop closes at 8pm.


To access the lift before security arrives; call Renee 0415 726 262, otherewise security can give you access. Accessible toilet is on level 2 and requires access, please make Renee aware that you need access.

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