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Find community at Tomboy with ​Sex positive and empowering spaces to meet mates and dates! Mostly free events, creating an opportunity to connect. For anyone aged 18-118, we're all about hotness AND kindness!

Naarm / Melbourne's most inclusive spaces for women, trans, enby and queer creatives



We aren't mad about labels, but Tomboy is a state of mind...

In an attempt to meet like-minded queers in Melbourne/Naarm, Tomboy producer and party Mum (Renee she/her) with the support of her queer fam, immaculately conceived Tomboy back in 2018. Now co-produced by Krissy (they/them AKA Justin Teliqure), Tomboy creates social spaces for LGBTIQA+ women, trans, non-binary, queer people, and allies. Tomboy's free events are held seasonally and monthly during the spicy months at the Carlton Club in Melbourne/Naarm CBD.


Tomboy goes on tour, hosts kink/play parties, workshops, one-off ticketed events and sells merch. These spaces are for connecting with community in a sexy and hopefully safe way. Tomboy is HUGE on consent (in all aspects of life) and take pride in being a warm, kind and welcoming crew, who platform and collaborate with local queer creatives.


Can fella's come? Trans guys, this is absolutely your space! And yes, respectful cis guys are welcome at Tomboy too. This space was created for the sections of the LGBTIQA+ community who are often not catered for in clubs, social spaces, events and venues. The only events that cis-men aren't invited to are our Tomboy After Dark play parties (once a year).

Keep an eye here and on Tomboy socials for upcoming offerings, tickets and events.

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